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We can all laugh at daft Americanisms such as vertically challenged and negative patient care outcomes but, let's face it, we sometimes indulge in double talk to make it look like we actually know what we are talking about but prefer to hide it in a cloud of claptrap. So, for the first time in print, we are happy to show all of you the words we trainers use and what we really mean!





Facilitative training

Look, I'm no good at preparation or structure but I've got some good slides and activities and I'll wing it when I get there.


Creating a learning environment

I like music. I've got this Enya CD and it's quite atmospheric, so I play it during breaks. Makes me look kind of cool but strangely detached and cold.


Brainstorming techniques

Quite frankly, I've run out of ideas myself


Outcome Based

We normally finish an hour early so we can miss the rush hour



It's residential. And the bar's got a happy hour


Fully Interactive Days

We do role-plays and I let people shout


Pragmatic Approach

I need to be liked so I won't do anything that will result in a bad happy sheet


Develop Personal Action Plans

I like and hour or so at the end to unwind


360 degree feedback

I give them happy sheets but ask them to fill them out in pencil just in case they get too honest


Full Use of Modern Technology

That John Cleese is a funny chap


Co-operative not Coercive

I'm a wimp. I have ego problems. They walk all over me and coffee breaks are quite lengthy


Help to develop broader visions

We sometimes have sandwiches for lunch


Facilitative Training

We drink a lot of coffee and chat


Peer Group Feedback

I don't like upsetting people so I leave that to the delegates


Leisure facilities at the Hotel

You'll find us in the bar, it overlooks the pool


Cost effective training

Please settle your own extras


In depth TNA

Well, I could, but I've got this really smart three day programme with games in that I'm sure will fit the bill



Okay, they're role plays


Smart Casual

I've only got one suit


State of the Art Training Facilities

One flip chart pen actually works. But it's yellow


Creating the right environment for change

I've heard that bistro style seatings really neat


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