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New Sales


The truth is, many companies have tried to sell “models” of how to sell and how to train this.

Models don't work: throw people into the mix and they muck models up. If one of the models worked 100% of the time we'd all be using them.

Instead, treat people like people and let them buy. So, give your sales people the skills and let them use them in a non-structured manner.

People buy people first. So, let your sales people be human.
This isn't a model it's a framework for guidance.

We could call it Stradivarios selling: a process with added personalised magic, but we’d run into some copyright issues, so we just call it “New sales”.

It covers: opening, questioning, closing, objections, attitude, referrals, empathy, what people buy, making a compelling reason, communication, listening and more.

We also do the following as individual sessions or knitted together to make a programme for you:


• Telephone sales


• Opening skills


• Questioning


• Closing


• Objections


• What people buy, when people buy, how people buy


• Know Your Product


• Attitude makes the difference


• Communicating powerfully


• Listening


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