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Training is important but isn’t always the answer to individual development.


Training hits a multitude of development needs but, by definition, cannot be truly personal.


To do this, coaching is key.


Managers should do this but there are often obvious blocks to this: time, manager’s ability to coach, etc.


So, we offer coaching/mentoring to individuals or small groups.


This will be: 


  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Tailored to individual’s time availability
  • Linked to company objectives
  • Involve line managers
  • Get to the expected outcome as quickly as possible


All coaching programmes will differ, however, most will involve an element of refresher “training”, off and on-job support, meetings (virtual and face-to-face) with those being coached and their manager, plus a time-line and action plans with firm outcomes.


 The style of coaching will match the individual styles of those being coached.


 This approach is also used for mentoring.