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These are some of the one-day events we offer but we can take any elements you want to make longer programmes.

Like choosing from a menu, you can pick and choose what you need.


  • An Introduction to Management: what is a manager, motivation, communication,time management, delegation, performance management (2 days)
  • Time Management: if time flies are you in control? Types of time managers, time wasters, blocking your day, recovering your private time, being assertive about time, some hints and tips
  • Communication Skills: visuals, body language, verbal communication, how we communicate to others, our preferred style, listening
  • Business  Writing: words, sentences, grammar, how to construct a report, what to include, the power of editing, making your writing more effective
  • Presentation skills: nerves, structure, verbal skills, visual skills, killing PowerPoint, taking a bow, writing your presentation, the power of words, getting to the point
  • Public speaking: be concise, verbal dexterity, using your body, the power of persuasion, repetition, hints and tips, practise
  • Stress: the joy of stress, stress=performance, harnessing stress, minimising stress, what it is, what it can do, making sure you’re in control
  • Assertiveness: which are you, why be assertive, steps to assertiveness, practising assertiveness, staying assertive
  • Recruitment & Selection: how to delve past the cv, matching people to roles, role definition,
  • Attitude: how to have a positive attitude, tricks of attitude, attitude test
  • Body language: The basics, Why it’s important, What we don’t know, What we think we know, Visual clues, Handshakes, Personal space, Smiling, The eyes have it, Interpreting your own style, What to avoid, What to emphasise
  • Meetings: how to organise, run and complete effective meetings
  • Quality Customer Care: what it is, how to learn from the best, how to set standards, how to maintain standards, improving the small things, dealing with complaints
  • Social Media: how to get the best out of “the big three” of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your business
  • Media skills: dealing with radio and TV, improving your image and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Training: from Training Needs Analysis to Delivery to Analysis, with  Learning Styles, behavioural objectives, methods of delivery, follow ups, all covered for an ideal train-the-trainer event
  • Coaching skills: the four steps of the coaching cycle are covered including assessments, feedback, action planning and follow-ups
  • Memory: no, we hadn’t forgotten… what is memory, how to harness memory, simple tricks, what we don’t know about memory, how to improve memory in five minutes
  • How to juggle: a simple programme that will not only teach you how to juggle but will teach you all you need to know about training, coaching and managing


All of the above are fully interactive, supported by individual workbooks.


If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us