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This page has things on that just don’t fit elsewhere.

We like funny things, so things that make us laugh whilst making a point are good, like this:

Feeling lonely? Don’t like working on your own? Not getting the respect you deserve? 
Hate making (the wrong) decisions all by yourself?


See people , Feel important, Draw flowcharts, Form subcommittees, Engage in endless chatter, Impress colleagues with multimedia presentations, Avoid wrong decisions by having a committee to blame!

MEETINGS: The powerful alternative to productive work



And if you have had enough of motivational posters and sayings, we published an anti-motivothers ational book you may enjoy: Though you may not, of course. And there are others:

We can be serious and have contributed to Alchemy for Managers, an excellent on-line resource for managers.  Alchemy provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that every manager can access right on the job, right when they need it. One user called it ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ information that gets the job done. Take a look:

And here’s an old Chinese Proverb we like: “Those who think they can’t should get out of the way and let those who know they can pass.” More like this in our Attitude course.

Having spent years in financial services, we have close connections to T&C News and are regular contributors to the quarterly magazine. You can find out more here:

And we have free Quick Guides for you. The first one is about Presentations and Public Speaking.

And then there's this: