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• Training Delivery

• Training Design

• Training Consultancy

• Coaching

• Mentoring

• Training resource

• One day courses

• Half day tutorials

• One-to-one coaching

• Manuals

• Webinars

• Open courses


Okay, does that give you a picture? Maybe not a full picture.

We can deliver almost anything when it comes to SALES, MANAGEMENT or any SOFT SKILLS training. Those are easy.

We can also design a programme for you, including course notes, e-learning, assessments, exams, train-the-trainer events and… well, everything that goes into making a training programme successful.

We can even do a spring-clean on your existing material, taking a fresh eye to it, brightening it up, editing it, adding to it, just making it, well, fresher.

We have off the shelf programmes you can buy in ready-to-deliver segments (so you only choose what you want).

We can just come in to help you out with consultancy. We will also be a resource for you (cheaper than the employed option and more flexible) if you have a short to medium term need.

We have experience of long term programmes and just coming in for specific short term training.

And we can coach and mentor staff. Our expertise is obviously in sales, management, financial services, training, writing and presenting but we like to think, if humans are involved, we can help out pretty much anywhere.

We will do what you need to do to get improved performance. Whatever it is.

But, here’s where we’ve been most useful recently (apart from one-to- ones): tutorials for small groups of people. Three hours on one of the topics on the following pages which has an agenda but is really driven by the people involved. It’s different, it’s very effective and it gets real results.

“It’s training but not like we’ve been used to” said one delegate.

Try it.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch