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It’s difficult to get a real feel for what any company does on a web-page.


But, let’s have a go.


The Skills Exchange offers training/development/coaching/mentoring/consulting.


Yes, not really inspiring, is it? We do mostly training and this has two key elements: OUTCOMES and ENJOYMENT.


“I prefer to entertain people in the hope that they learn, rather than teach people in the hope they are entertained.”    Walt Disney


Every course we design and run will have an individual workbook for each delegate which culminates in their own individual action plan for use back in the “real world”. So, they buy-in to change and we help them along by not being boring.

 One of the nicest things we heard recently was one delegate who said “I wasn’t looking forward to this but I’ve really enjoyed it and learned a lot.” Which we thanked her for but added that if she didn’t do something different after the day then it was a waste of a day.

 We only offer our training “in-house”.

 Why? Well, we know of many great companies that offer “open courses” so we are not going to compete; instead, we will do what we have done since 1998 and offer tailored in-house programmes for all sizes of companies in all types of industries. As long as you want people developing to get the best out of them, we can help.


 We can offer “off-the-shelf” programmes for you, of course, but a little bit of tailoring normally makes these much more effective. We can run one-day courses, we can run whole programmes over months, we can “mix-and-match” any of the topics listed on other pages and even integrate into your existing training. We can even offer you coaching follow-ups if you need them.

 We offer all types of courses, mostly around general business skills or “soft skills” as they can be referred to (the ones that really make a difference) which we have more details of on other pages.



Ideally, we find out what you are after, put together a programme and measure the effectiveness. We find that training is always more effective with follow-ups of coaching and individual development, but we are guided by your needs. Sometimes you just want training delivered and we are fine with that.

We can offer most training and tailored to your company needs.

Talk to us. We are easy to deal with. And sometimes fun.

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to give them the conditions in which they can learn.”      Albert Einstein

Call it training, call it development, call it coaching, call it mentoring,  whatever the name, we do it; we are about people development.

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this is our promise

Our training will be fun and effective.

You can have fun and be professional and effective. Indeed, we believe that if people are enjoying themselves, they perform better.

So, that’s what we put into our training: it's professional, it's fun and it's focused on improving performance.

It's that simple. Try us and find out.